work style matters

showing how the idea works

A working methodology that enables success.

Facts are irrefutable, only conclusions are challengeable. I use an open communication style while maintaining unbiased and neutral views on business issues.

I listen what clients say, but also how they say it because sentiments play a much more important role than most people think in finding the key issue or the real problem. I also engage in proposing alternative interpretations of the data to validate the understanding of the topics.

I first look at building internal coalitions around the preferred solution or strategy. I spend the necessary time to openly communicate it to all stakeholders but I also encourage the staff to directly express their views. 

Green shoots! Delivering interim results as soon as possible is a distinctive aspect of my working methodology. I capitalise on these results to improve the understanding of the strategy and its implementation.


Following suit the company´s vision must be constantly rewarded.

Most business culture is not the result of a plan: just happens. However, in sameBoat, this critical component to success is not left to pure chance.

International working environments are specially appealing for me when it comprises the integration of foreign and domestic business units. The key to sucess lies in my ability to fit to different working cultures

I build new teams and reorganise existing ones. Finding and deploying smart creatives and specialists where they are best suited to develop positive interactions is an important piece of my work style. 

I follow an inverted pyramidal leadership style: my role is to support, guide and empower people to do the their job properly.

"When I restructure a business, I relocate the people whose impact is the highest

so as to improve the performance of the existing resources and teams".